Q. Is there a deposit required to hold my date?

A. Yes there is a $250 non-refundable deposit, and signed contract that are required to hold your wedding date. Once received, you will get a confirmation email that your date is booked and secure. 

Q. Can I book a trial before sending in my deposit?

A. Yes you can! Dates book up quickly, so timing is everything. When your date is available, the sooner the better is the best motto for getting your deposit and contract in. Even with a trial on the books, brides who secure their date are given priority, so be sure to lock yours in as soon as possible.

Q. Is there a minimum to book you?

A. Yes. There is a $500 minimum on Saturdays and a $400 minimum on Fridays and Sundays.

Q. How many people can you and your team handle?

A. We have yet to find a number we can't handle! All artists and assistants are trained by Whitney herself, so even when reinforcements are called in to ensure the wedding party is done within your window, everyone will look perfect!

Q. Does everyone get lashes?

A. Yes! All pricing includes lashes, but opting out of lashes will not decrease your cost. The lashes Whitney uses are incredibly beautiful, but manageable and natural. They will make everyone's eyes pop on camera, and will stay put through the tears, smiles, and endless hugs!

Q. Are there any travel fees?

A. For weddings within most of St. Louis and St. Charles counties, there are not any travel fees. If a travel fee is required, you will be alerted of that at the time of booking.

Q. Is gratuity included in your pricing?

A. No, gratuity is not included in base pricing, but all weddings will have an automatic 18% gratuity added for all services rendered on the day of.

Q. What payments do you accept?

A. We accept cards and cash only. No personal checks accepted. Brides are responsible for collecting payment from their parties and paying the full balance in ONE cash or card payment prior to services being rendered on the day of.